Kohakuhada Milk Lotion

Deep veil formula which in the amber ingredient make the milk lotion moisture.

In order to achieve the desire of women's minds, "want our skin conditoin to be elastic and moisturized in the morning." "Amber essence" that penetrates into the skin's bottom layer*1 Exclusively formulated made "wrap" milk lotion, use with kohakuhada lotion, let you have elastic and moisturzed skin condition in the morning.

what is “deep veil” formula?

Use vegetable oil to soften the skin
The emollient effect of olive oil, jojoba seed oil and macadamia seed oil makes the skin soft.

Sealed amber ingredient
Ceramide component having the same composition as the lipid between skin cells, keeping moisture and amber extract in the stratum corneum.

Keep amber extract ingredient
Sealing the amber extract ingredient to let skin get soften, and keep anti-aging care throughout the day.

Milk Lotion

Milk Lotion

Paraben, alcohol, perfume, coloring free
Capacity: 140mL 1,320 yen(tax in)

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elementElement composition

  • Hybrid rose flower extract

    Hybrid rose flower extract

    The essence extracted from the rose made in Japan (Shimane Prefecture) without pesticides. Protect your skin from inside out.

  • Ceramide EOP Ceramide NP Ceramide AP

    Ceramide EOP Ceramide NP Ceramide AP

    Ceramide can replenish the original protective mechanism and increase skin elasticity.

  • Soybean seed extract

    Soybean seed extract

    Do using genetically modified soybean, which contains a lot of isoflavones, makes skin rejuvenate.

  • Apricot root extract Aloe vera leaf extract Chlorella extract

    Apricot root extract Aloe vera leaf extract Chlorella extract

    Plant placenta that can help with anti-aging repair.※2 The indispensable ingredient. Give you beautiful skin.

※1 Osmosis to stratum corneum 
※2 Repairing by age