Kohakuhada Cosmetic Cleansing Wash

Remove makeup, face cleansing and rubbing lotion once.

Remove makeup and old keratin and let skin get moisturizer at the same time. Beauty serum inside can help anti-aging repair ※

Amber & AHA combined

AHA softens the stratum corneum to achieve high-efficiency exfoliation while allowing amber to penetrate※ into the skin.

Cosmetics Cleansing

Kohakuhada Cosmetic
Cleansing Wash

Capacity: 120g 748 yen(tax in)

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elementElement composition

  • Tetrahexyl decanoic  acid Ascorville

    Tetrahexyl decanoic
    acid Ascorville

    Oil soluble vitamin C derivatives. It turns into vitamin C in skin to protect skin.

  • Rice germ oil

    Rice germ oil

    Rice germ oil containing natural ingredient “γ-oryzanol”. It’s the kihnd of oil that is not easily acidified. ※ moisturizing ingredient.

  • Hyaluronic acid Na Acetyl hyaluronic acid Na

    Hyaluronic acid Na

    Hyaluronic Acid that can absorb water 6000 times, to help your skin get moisture.

  • Apricot root extract Aloe vera leaf extract Chlorella extract

    Apricot root extract Aloe vera leaf extract Chlorella extract

    Plant placenta that can help with anti-aging repair.※2 The indispensable ingredient. Give you beautiful skin.

※ Repairing by age